Stories from Afghanistan

A glimpse inside the soul of Afghanistan
and the dangers of the unchecked pursuit of power.

Nasir Shansab was Afghanistan’s leading industrialist until he was forced to leave in 1975. Since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, he has returned many times seeking to help the Afghan people.

Welcome to the Land of Silent Trees by Nasir Shansab

SILENT TREES was in the making for a long time. In a way, the story has always been with me. In Afghanistan, when I lived there, experiencing political oppression was an everyday affair. It hurt badly and constantly. …

Writing Silent Trees forced me to reflect on my life in Afghanistan and relive what I had encountered and seen others experience. The writing process was painful but also exhilarating. The pain was in the past, the exhilaration in the present. I had survived the arbitrary nature of power held in the hands of dictators and murderers. My children and I are safe and live free lives in a country where the will of law prevails. And I have gained the freedom to tell others how fortunate we are in America and that we should never lower our guards in defending the freedom we have.

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2001 – Maggie Reed awoke at once. She could clearly hear a tapping noise. Was it in her head, the remnant of a dream? No, she was sure it was coming from outside her bedroom door. She listened carefully. Someone was walking along the corridor. A notion dashed through her head, the prospect of it jolted her like a strong electric current coursing through her body. Habib Dhil, she thought. It’s Habib Dhil? …

Now the tragedy of September 11th had forced America’s hand and another war seemed poised to descend upon the destitute Afghan people. She became determined to visit the refugee camps again, making one final attempt to find him or at least discover a trace of him, a sign, any sign that helped her find peace of mind.

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